As we are growing up and learning the socially acceptable way of eating, we learn to use a fork, a knife and a spoon.  We learn that we don’t lick our plate and its beyond rude to finish every last drop of food.  Well, if you have a child that likes to bend the rules or be a little different, then you can certainly get them excited about the Ketogenic Diet and what will be their new found freedom to lick plates, use fun utensils and not leave a speck of food!

Here are a few “tools” we have found very helpful for Emily in being able to eat all her foods:

The Spoonula! As it is so nicely referred to our home


We like that they come in lots of different colours.  Locally in our area we found them in the kitchen section of Winners Department store.

Here is a link to buy them on-line

We have also found that the newly re-designed plastic plates from Ikea are excellent!  They have a lip on them that prevents food from accidentally sliding off the plate

Ikea PlatesThese can be found on-line at or in store 

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