The 3 Best Reasons to Work With a Coach

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As a parent, you have many responsibilities and are expected to demonstrate an almost super-human capacity for doing everything, being everywhere and helping everyone all at the same time (remember that time you had to be at the hockey rink, cook dinner, write a report for work and have coffee with a friend, all in one night and you somehow managed to get it done?).

As a parent with a sick child, you are expected to do all of the above AND manage to navigate your child’s illness with the intelligence and expertise of a person who spent 10 years in medical school (something you didn’t have time for and had no interest in).

It can be overwhelming some days!  I know this because I am one of those parents.  I have walked the tight rope of juggling a career, a sick child, a healthy child, relationships, friendships, sports, finances and the list goes on.  It’s hard!  It’s really hard!!  And what kept me sane?  My Life Coach, who I might add, was not originally hired to help me organize my life as a parent of a sick child. I originally hired him  to help me achieve some goals I had related to my professional life; and thank goodness he was there because his help was immeasurable.

Now, embarking on a career as a life coach myself, specializing in coaching parents just like me (you know, the ones with a medically fragile child in their life), I am closing excel, putting down my pencil and calculator (my first profession is as a Chartered Accountant) and rolling my sleeves up with passion and enthusiasm.  Helping families like mine is my goal.  Here are 3 compelling reasons you should consider taking me up on my offer for a free 45-minute coaching session soon!

Reason #1 – Get Help Processing Problems and Challenges

Coaching helps you get to the root of the problem quickly and then access the solutions you need to implement for results.  While it’s always great to sit around with friends or family members and lament about what’s not working in your life, or complain about the doctor you feel isn’t really listening to your concerns, it’s much more productive to work through the issue and then create a solution.  As your coach I will help you get unstuck   and move from frustration to implementation to problem solved!!!

Reason #2 – Finding Fulfillment and Feeling Supported

As parents, we often find ourselves (sick kid or not) lacking in that feeling of fulfillment and in some cases we feel downright unsupported.   Coaching can help you access a life of joy, feeling alive, realizing your dreams and goals despite the fact that you may have a child that is presenting with challenging health!  As your coach, I can help guide you to ensuring you know how to access feelings of fulfillment, learn how to feel supported and most importantly, have fun in the process.

Reason #3 - Finding Clarity about What you Really Want in Life

It’s easy for parents who have the experience of caring for a sick child to put aside their needs and wants as priorities in life.  If you are like me, the thought of pursuing your own dreams and desires in the face of dealing with your sick child, makes you feel like a “bad person”…I mean come on, you have a sick child to take care of, how on earth would it be right or ok to go after what you really want in life aside from wanting your child to be well.  Well, I can tell you that not only CAN you do that, but you MUST do that.  Your child deserves to have a parent/family caring for them that is motivated beyond simply living their life around the illness or caring for the child.  It’s important that you remain clear about your own personal goals in life as you are the example for your child; how can you possible teach them to lead a full and amazing life if you’re having a hard time doing that yourself?

There are many more reasons why coaching can be a great solution for parents and/or families (did I mention that I also do family coaching as well).  If you found this short little article interesting or helpful, please complete my “Contact” form and I will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule you FREE 45-minute coaching session.

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